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What Is It About Icy Christmas Screensaver that Makes It so Great?

Apart from generating very realistic ice patterns over the desktop and wallpapers, Icy Christmas Screensaver has a lot of different settings. Feel free to tweak them until resulting images look the way you like the most. Here's the list of screensaver features:

  • Variable ice opacity. You can have transparent icy patterns, more opaque and snowy patterns, or anything in between.
  • Adjustable shininess of the ice. Change it to get anything from a shiny and sunny day with a lot of light reflected from the ice to a cloudy weather with little or no sunlight reflected.
  • Customizable ice bumpiness for anything between almost flat and very detailed patterns.
  • Variable color of the ice.
  • Customizable refraction index of the ice for different wallpaper or desktop transformations.
  • Adjustable lens effect for magnifying underlying pictures, making transparent ice patterns more noticeable and for greater wallpaper and desktop distortion.
  • Variable number of ice crystals that are seeded to start ice patterns growth.
  • Both normal and in-settings preview for better control over screensaver settings.
  • Variable direction of the sunlight to change the way highlights appear on ice patterns.
  • Customizable color of the light.
  • Adjustable distance from the light source for getting sunlight or flashlight-like effects.
  • Variable or desktop driven screen resolution.
  • Customizable list of images that get loaded and used as wallpapers when screensaver starts.
  • Either random or preset wallpaper ordering.
  • Optional screensaver restart when everything freezes.
  • Variable delay before the screensaver is restarted.
  • Adjustable CPU load the screensaver produces to allow for better cooperation with CPU sensitive background applications.
  • Additional (optional) resistance to external events like accidental mouse moves or key presses.
Icy Christmas Screensaver 1.0 (388 KB)
Realistic ice patterns over your desktop! Download
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