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Tell your friends about Rainy Screensaver
Rain gear

From This Very Moment Rain Gear Is Awful Lot to Wear If You'd Like to Enjoy Rainy Weather. This Funny Screensaver Brings It Right to Your Desktop!

It's surprising how many people like watching rain. The wondrous force of the nature is unleashed from the skies each time outside is raining. Somehow, we can spend minutes admiring those moments and forgetting about everything else.

If you are one of those people, we have good news for you. At last, you and your friends can enjoy rain without any rain gear! You don't even have to go outside. Our Rainy Screensaver floods raindrops right at your desktop.

Already thinking whether to throw your old rain gear out the window? Okay, just kidding, but what are you waiting for? Download the realistic rain screensaver and enjoy!
Rainy Screensaver 2.2 (676 KB)
This is how you can enjoy the rain without wearing any rain gear! Download

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