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Tell your friends about Rainy Screensaver
Refreshing nature wallpapers.

Your Favorite Nature Wallpapers Got Boring? Here's a Way to Completely Renew Them!

The beauty of the nature has nothing to be compared against. The popularity of nature wallpapers among PC users is just another evidence of the fact.

Obviously, we could talk a lot about why nature wallpapers are so popular, but instead we'd like to show you a way to make them even more interesting and exciting.

Make a quick scan through your memory and think of one, two or more of your favorite nature wallpapers. Now imagine that you look through a window and see the scene vividly depicted in one of them. Imagine a distant sound of thunder. Lightning strikes across the sky and raindrops start hitting the window one by one until it's completely flooded with water. The air brings the smell of rain. Ah, never the beauty of the nature was so close... until now!

Finally, you can enjoy all that (sure, except the smell, <smile>) right on your desktop! Rainy Screensaver will make your favorite nature wallpapers so exciting that your friends will burst with envy (so be careful, <smile>). Don't waste a minute! Download and enjoy!
Rainy Screensaver 2.2 (676 KB)
Nature wallpapers look much more exciting with realistic rain over them! Download

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