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Tell your friends about Rainy Screensaver
Adding life to nature photography.

Add Life to Your Nature Photography and Enjoy Realistic Rain on Your Photos

Many people are carried away by photography and consider it an art by itself. Not surprisingly, the passion is multiplied hundred times when we talk about photography created by ourselves. We like to bring camera to every place we visit and record family's experiences, the beauty of the landscapes, wild animals, and other breathtaking scenery in our nature photography.

With the advent of digital camera, it got much easier to transfer your own photos to your personal computer. Many people use the possibility to enjoy their best images taken by transforming them into wallpapers. You can then put the wallpapers right on the desktop to admire their beauty each time your glance falls on them.

If you are into nature photography, then be sure to try this brand new way to revive your best shots from your nature photography collection. Our Rainy Screensaver produces almost real raindrops over the desktop and wallpapers. It's fully customizable and you can play with dozens of parameters to fit your favorite nature pictures. You can achieve astonishing results by combining Rainy Screensaver with appropriately themed photos. The possibilities are endless.

Please look at the picture below to see what's possible. Also, feel free to see other screenshots and spring nature photos with the screensaver running. Better yet, download Rainy Screensaver on your computer, install it, and enjoy a fresh and amazing approach to your nature photography!
Rainy Screensaver 2.2 (676 KB)
Nature photography under rain flooded by Rainy Screensaver. Download

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