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Version History

Version History

Version 2.2
  1. New feature added. If you have a very sensitive mouse that often stops the screensaver even when you don't move it, you will like this feature. Now you can instruct the screensaver to ignore your mouse. It will stop only if you press a key on your keyboard. Furthermore, you can even tell it to ignore the keyboard except the ESC key. Very useful if you don't want your kids messing some documents left open while you are away. See the possible options on the Control page in the screensaver settings.
  2. New feature added. Now you can limit the CPU load produced by the screensaver. It can be handy if you have some CPU-hungry applications running in the background. Lowering CPU load in screensaver settings will slow down animations, but will provide other applications with required CPU resources when needed. You can adjust the allowed CPU load on the Control page in the screensaver settings.
  3. Minor improvement. The screensaver UI now supports visual themes in Windows XP. That is, it doesn't look gray and ugly under Windows XP anymore.
  4. Minor improvement. Now every option in the settings dialog has a context help with a brief explanation. Click the little question mark in the top right corner and then click on the option to read what it's for.
  5. Minor improvement. The screensaver now has a normal preview visible in Display Properties.
  6. Minor improvement. The settings dialog has been redesigned. Now when you invoke screensaver settings you will get them immediately. The intermediate dialog has been discarded.
Version 2.1
  1. New feature added. Now you can enjoy lightning flashes along with lightning bolts. This feature adds a new background effect emulating flashes of lightning. See ReadMe file for details on available options.
  2. Minor improvement. Lightning bolts now have a bit more realistic structure.
Version 2.0
  1. Major feature added. Finally! Rainy Screen Saver comes with the long-awaited sound support. Now you can enjoy the sound of rain accompanied by lightning claps. Refer to ReadMe.txt file for the description of available sound options.
  2. Minor improvement. The last version made it a bit harder to launch the screen saver in the preview mode from Display Properties. This issue has been fixed.
  3. Minor improvement. Lightning strikes are not restricted to almost vertical direction anymore.
Version 1.7
  1. New feature added. Now the rainy mood is amplified by occasional lightning strikes! See ReadMe.txt for details on available options.
  2. New feature added. No more need to unpack screensaver installation files. Rainy Screen Saver now comes as a single self-extracting installer that allows you to create program icons and desktop shortcut for launching the screensaver on demand. Also it is now possible to set Rainy Screen Saver as the default screensaver from the installer itself.
Version 1.6
  1. Bug fixed. "Overall speed" control had erratical behavior (reported by Robert Beistel, thanks).
Version 1.5
  1. Workaround. Latest NVidia video drivers caused annoying flicker when running screensaver (reported by Shaun Hastie-Fuller and Cindy S., thanks).
  2. Workaround. On some hardware configurations mouse cursor stayed on top of the screensaver window (reported by Richard Klinkhammer, thanks).
Version 1.4
  1. New feature added. Now you can compose a list of your favorite wallpapers and enjoy them with a rainy look! Sequential and random preloading orders are available.
  2. New option "Set density gradually" added. Enabling this option will make the rain to start even more naturally.
  3. New option "Overall speed". Now you can adjust the overall speed of the screensaver if you feel it is running too fast.
  4. "Wind force" option now allows running more powerful wind than it was able before. Try setting it near its maximum and see how dramatically it can improve the overall impression!
  5. Bug fixed. Occasional sharp jumps of the raindrops were possible.
Version 1.3
  1. New feature added. Customizable options for rain model and display modes.
  2. Workaround. Screen saver failed to install registration key copied to clipboard from Eudora e-mail client.
Version 1.2
  1. Bug fixed. Unregistered copy pops up registration reminders repetitively upon trial period completion when run on Windows 95/98/Me.
Version 1.1
  1. Bug fixed. Creating shortcut to Rainy Screen Saver leaves the shortcut with uninstaller icon (reported by Karim Popatia, thanks).
  2. Bug fixed. Running screen saver for about 10 minutes can occasionally lead to internal error with access violation (reported by Paul ODwyer, thanks).
Version 1.0
  1. Initial release.
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