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Tell your friends about Rainy Screensaver and enter the contest to win a shareware CD

Tell your friends about Rainy Screensaver

Screensaver Features

Rainy Screensaver produces almost real look of raindrops flowing down your desktop. You can adjust screensaver settings to get the impression you like most. They include:
  • Adjustable sound volume of the rain and lightning claps.
  • Adjustable density of the rain.
  • Gradual increase of the density to simulate the rain gaining its strength drop by drop.
  • Customizable minimum and maximum size of the drops you would like to see.
  • Adjustable force of the wind.
  • Customizable wind direction.
  • Optional lightning effect with bolts and flashes.
  • Customizable color of lightning bolts.
  • Random lightning color mode.
  • Adjustable delay between lightning strikes.
  • Overall speed of the screensaver you can change as you like.
  • Variable screen resolution.
  • Automatic restart of the screensaver after some specified amount of time.
  • A list of your favorite wallpapers that are preloaded as background images for the screensaver during each run.
  • The maximum CPU load produced by the screensaver. You can adjust it if you have other CPU-hungry applications running in the background.
  • Interrupting screensaver by mouse/keyboard, just keyboard, or just the ESC key.
We hope you will find this screensaver somehow nice and entertaining. Furthermore, we would like to develop it further. There are many things we would be happy to include in the future releases. All customers will receive these future versions free of charge.

We would enjoy discussing any ideas you can share with us to improve the screensaver. We like communicating with our users a lot and look forward to hearing from you. Please, don't hesitate to contact us with ideas you'd like to see in the next versions. You are always welcome!
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